Literary Foundations II

Handouts, Worksheets, Assignments

I will add electronic versions of any handouts and other course documents as we go along.

Sample ID Question (5/2/2012)
A sample exam question, with a sample answer, to illustrate what’s expected in the passage-identification part of the exam.
Eliot and the City Poem (4/23/12)
Typographical error corrected: Three city poems, for comparison to The Waste Land.
Paper 2 Assignment (4/2/12)
Assignment for the second paper. The preliminary exercise is due April 11; there will be a draft workshop on April 16; and the paper is due Wednesday, April 18.
Using MyFiles for Returned Work (3/19/12)
Explanation of how to access returned work in the folder I have created for you on
Excerpts from Shelley’s “Defence of Poetry” (2/27/12)
Excerpts from Shelley’s “A Defence of Poetry,” used in class.
Workshop Guidelines (2/22/12)
A worksheet to help prepare for and guide the first paper draft workshops. Bring one copy for each of the papers in your workshop group to class.
Using PDF (2/19/12)
Explanation of the Portable Document Format (PDF) and instructions on how to create PDFs to turn in papers electronically.
Paper 1 Assignment (2/8/12)
The assignment for the first paper, due in draft on February 22 and in final form on February 27.
Some Notes on Milton (2/7/12)
Some annotations to the assignment from Milton.
Some Notes on Donne (2/6/12)
Some annotations to the assignment from Donne.
Presentation Assignment (2/1/12)
Description of the in-class presentation assignment.
Scheduling Request (1/23/12)
Request for information to coordinate our class presentations and other scheduling issues. Please reply by e-mail before Tuesday, January 24, at 6 p.m.
Commonplacing Handout (1/23/12)

A paper handout describing the required commonplace-book (blog) reading responses for the course. See also the corresponding course website page.