Literary Foundations II

Grade Guidelines

All graded assignments will be marked on the four-point scale specified by the Eugene Lang College Catalog. The final course grade will be a weighted average of these grades, as follows:

Responses: 10%
Presentation: 10%
Participation: 15%
Paper 1: 20%
Paper 2: 25%
Final Exam: 20%

In converting numerical grades to letters, the equivalents specified in the Eugene Lang College Catalog will be considered as the maxima of intervals open on the left. Thus A corresponds to scores strictly greater than 3.7 and less than or equal to 4.0, A-minus to scores strictly greater than 3.3 and less than or equal to 3.7, B-plus to scores greater than 3.0 and less than or equal to 3.3, and so on. Final grades will not be normalized to fit any particular distribution or “curve.” The general standards for grades are as follows; numerical equivalents use the mathematical notation for an interval which does not include its lower end but does include its upper end:

A range (3.3, 4.0]: Excellent. The student’s written work demonstrates thorough mastery of course materials and skills. The student’s in-class participation and reading responses are generous and productive.

B range (2.3, 3.3]: Very good. The student’s work demonstrates serious engagement with all aspects of the course. Some assignments indicate incomplete mastery of course materials and skills. The student has infrequent lapses in preparation for class.

C range (1.3, 2.3]: Average. The student’s written work satisfies requirements but shows significant problems or major gaps in mastery of course material. The student’s class participation is infrequent or marred by lateness and absence.

D (0.3, 1.3]: Below average work. The student completes the basic course requirements, but the student’s work is frequently unsatisfactory in several major areas. The student is frequently late or multiply absent. The student is a disruptive presence in class.

F [0, 0.3]: Failing. Student has not completed all course requirements or turns in consistently unsatisfactory work.