Literary Foundations II

Course Requirements

  1. Short weekly responses to the reading for Monday, due Sunday at 8 p.m. Your responses will be in the form of a modified “commonplace book”: you will select key passages from each reading. Sometimes you will also note down a short paragraph of interpretive claims or questions. These commonplace book entries will be shared with the class. For more details on this assignment, to be completed online, see the explanation on the course commonplacing webpage.
  2. One 15–20 minute presentation, to be prepared and given with a partner. Scheduled at the start of term. Speaking time must be evenly divided. The presentation should make an interpretive argument about a chosen passage and end by posing a genuinely open question for discussion.
  3. Class participation. You are expected to attend and participate seriously in every class. Serious participation includes preparing reading and writing assignments carefully, bringing textbooks to class, making appropriate contributions to both whole-class and small-group discussions, and listening attentively to your classmates and your instructor. I will take attendance in every class. Habitual lateness will affect your participation grade.
  4. Two short papers. Paper 1 is a short paper on a single text, 4–6 typed pp. in length, due February 27. Paper 2 is a comparative analysis of one or more specific themes within two texts, 4–6 typed pp. in length, due April 18. Detailed paper assignments, including topic suggestions and formatting guidelines, will be distributed in advance. One class session will be devoted to draft workshops for each of the two papers.
  5. Final exam. Your final exam will be comprehensive; that is, it will cover the entire semester’s work. The focus on the final will be your knowledge of the texts, and your familiarity with the basic ideas running through them. You should be able to identify passages from the readings and thoughtfully compare them.