Spring 2023 Courses: The Curious Adventure of the Big Sleep of Petals in a Blue Dress of Blood. Also, Poetry


I updated my teaching page with descriptions of my spring 2023 courses and the preliminary syllabuses. I’m teaching Principles of Literary Study and Introduction to Crime Fiction. I’m once again treating Principles as a grab-bag, splitting the semester into seven weeks on poetry and seven weeks on narrative. For the final project, students will rewrite one of the novels we read as an epic poem in hexameters, blank verse, or ślokas. Undergrad crime is a new course for me, though I have taught related material often. The final exam will consist of a single question: “Who did it?”

Note to students: that was a joke about the epic poem. I will also accept a supple free-verse rendition.

Second note to students: I think we all know who did it.

Update, 1/11/23: broken link to crime syllabus fixed. Sigh.