I’m on TV! Talking about money and tenure!


…Well, on YouTube: with my comrades on our union’s University Budget and Priorities Committee, I was on a panel about following the money at Rutgers, which you can see a recording of here. I talked a bit about the erosion of tenure and the rise of full-time non-tenure-track faculty positions. It’s a subject I have blogged on more than once before; those earlier posts give more detail about the data and analysis I used. Then I indulged in a little speculation and imagined—in the mode of Chris Newfield—two futures, one dismal and the other not, for the public university.

The whole program was pretty fun (despite a brief technological stumble near the end), with good questions from the audience too. Here’s a link to the slides I showed (slightly edited, with links to sources).

How the Rutgers Budget Shapes Our University
Thursday, October 13, 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Michelle Gittelman (Management and Global Business, RBS-Newark)
on the central administration’s money vacuum

Andrew Goldstone (English, SAS-New Brunswick)
on new ways of undermining tenure

Juan González (Communcations, SCI-New Brunswick; co-host, Democracy Now!) on where the COVID relief money went

Mark Killingsworth (Economics, SAS-New Brunswick)
on athletics’ financial future or lack thereof

I watched some of my own performance, which probably wasn’t a good idea. Let’s just say I’m not about to be the next TikTok sensation.