A site update


I’ve updated this site with a minor redesign. I switched to using Hugo to generate the site. Hugo’s speed advantage over Jekyll was a big draw, despite its tragically disorganized documentation and some frustrating minor limitations. I’ve tried to preserve all the old links, except for some reorganizing in the blog-post categories; all the posts are still there, but I eliminated some redundant categories, and category listings themselves have moved. I have also updated my page on LaTeX and digital documents with extra remarks on markdown and R markdown. The page is no longer headed “Typography or death!” though I continue to stand by that position.

The RSS feed of blog posts has also moved, since Hugo enforces the filename index.xml, whereas it used to be at atom.xml. If you subscribed to the RSS feed before this site update, your reader should (hopefully) be automatically redirected.

Oh, and the site background pattern is derived from William Morris’s “Wey.” I got it from a reproduction of a sketch in a scan of an old book, but I subsequently found that it’s also available from marxists.org!