Redi 2017

Database tour: some of the big full-text sources

Early English Books Online Most print in English up to 1700.

Eighteenth-Century Collections Online British.

Early American Imprints (Evans) The British colonies and the U.S. up to 1800.

American Periodical Series Good for the U.S. 19th century.

British Periodicals Excellent for the British 19th century.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

New York Times (, Washington Post (, etc. National newspapers up to ca. 2000.

More specialized possibilities

Some I have used recently for research or teaching: Modernist Journals Project (, Pulp Magazines Project (, African Writers Series (…

Scholarship itself

The MLA Bibliography ( and JSTOR ( are fundamental to research, but they are also historical sources themselves.

Database forensics exercises

  1. HathiTrust (

  2. Google Ngram Viewer (