Seeing with Numbers (MLA 2014)

Seeing with Numbers: Macroanalytic and Sociological Approaches to Literary Exclusion

Friday, January 10, 2014
10:15–11:30 a.m., Chicago F, Chicago Marriott
Presiding: Richard Jean So, University of Chicago

  1. Modernism’s Limits: Patterns of Exclusion in Scholarly Reading
    Andrew Goldstone (@goldstoneandrew)
    Slides for my talk: slides.pdf
    Code for my talk: github/agoldst/mla14
    Ludicrously extended footnote: in an Arcade post

  2. Finding Thomas Curtis Clark: Topic Modeling the Rules of Exclusion in American Modernist Poetry
    Richard Jean So and Hoyt Long (@hoytlong)
    Working paper: MLAClarkLongSo.pdf
    Slides: MLAClarkSlides.ppt

  3. Response
    Matthew Jockers (@mljockers)

  4. Response
    Amy Hungerford

After the conference, I will make more of my code, as well as a browser of a topic model of selected modernist-studies articles, available from this page.


I’d like to record my gratitude here to the MLA panel co-organizers, Richard So and Hoyt Long; the panel respondents, Matt Jockers and Amy Hungerford; Barbara Chen and Kathleen Fitzpatrick of MLA, Socorro Ortega of EBSCO, Dan Edelstein, and Annette Keogh for their help with the research on the data of the MLA bibliography of which this is a part; audiences at Stanford and the Modernist Studies Association who heard some related material; Ted Underwood, for collaboration on other work that has shaped this; and Anne DeWitt, who’s talked it all over many times.

Edit 1/10/14: Fixed broken slides.pdf link. Duh.
Edit 1/15/14: Code repo up. Link to affiliated blog post added. Links to Hoyt and Richard’s talk up (via Acknowledgments. Browser still forthcoming.