Course descriptions for Spring 2017


Descriptions of my Spring 2017 courses are now up on the teaching page. I am offering a new course geared to non-majors, Introduction to Twentieth-Century Literature, which will hone in on a few chosen works of fiction, poetry, and drama from across the century and across the English-speaking world. I am also teaching Principles of Literary Study: Fiction, as I have in past years; for the first time I am teaching an Honors section. When I was a first-year in college I took a Shakespeare course which had honors sections for English majors; as a non-major I could only look on in envy at all the cool extra stuff they got to do. Well, my 359:202:H1 is open to majors and non-majors, and I will be aiming to provide cool extra stuff for all. I will add links to reading lists and syllabuses as soon as they are ready. I’m always happy to hear from students who are interested in either course.