Microblog 1


I may be on an extended holiday from twitter, but it struck me that blog technology is fully capable of posting links to things and commenting on them. It’s like my blog is my very own microblogging service! If you want to catch all the microupdates, just subscribe to my RSS feed! (I don’t promise that this first microupdate won’t also be the last, but for the honor of The Web We Lost, I’ll try.)

Here under my rock, I had missed the academic scandal of the hour. As Natalia Cecire rightly says, “It’s such a betrayal when real expertise becomes a warrant for demanding deference instead of a pedagogical responsibility.” Read her post and learn about learning.

I also appreciated Corey Robin’s comment in the Chronicle Review (currently unpaywalled). I find stories of academic abuse of power, sexual and otherwise, so sickening that I don’t have the energy to seek out any more details just now. But nothing ever surprises me less than senior academics closing ranks against their juniors: we are talking about a profession that has been concertedly devouring its young for half a century…. The deformation of the deprofessionalizing academic profession is another object of what Natalia aptly terms “emergency learning.”

Edited the same day: also, on my microblogging service you can edit your posts to fix typos.