Two Upcoming Events

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Two announcements of events I’m involved in, transpiring in the week after next:

Princeton Digital Humanities Initiative: Roundtable (3/26)

I’ll be joining a group of people at a Princeton Digital Humanities Initiative Graduate Student Outreach. It’s March 26 at 4:30 p.m. in Frist Multipurpose Room C. I’ll talk a bit about the PMLA topic models Ted Underwood and I are working on.

Rutgers: Lecture by Jim English (3/28)

The Rutgers Modernism and Globalization Seminar Series, which I am running this year, is hosting a guest lecture by James F. English of Penn on Thursday, March 28:

Modernism and Globalization Seminar Series

James F. English
John Welsh Centennial Professor of English
University of Pennsylvania

Not Now: Empirical Method and Default Temporality in Contemporary Fiction

Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 4:30 p.m.
Murray Hall, Room 302, 510 George Street
Reception to follow at the Center for Cultural Analysis, 8 Bishop Place
Free and open to the public

Abstract: This paper is mainly concerned with methodological challenges involved in using digital methods and big data in the field of contemporary fiction. It sketches an early-stage “small data” research project and presents some initial empirical (quantitative) results having to do with the temporal settings of Anglophone novels since 1969. These findings then provide an occasion to consider some possible reasons for a shift in the default temporality of the novel, and some possible implications of surface reading with respect to novels that eschew the present in favor of the past, the future, and the temporally queer.

James F. English is the author of The Economy of Prestige (Harvard, 2005) and The Global Future of English Studies (Blackwell, 2012), and Director of the Penn Humanities Forum.

Co-sponsored by the English Department, the Center for Cultural Analysis, and the Rutgers British Studies Center.

[Edit 3/18/13: RBSC link fixed.]