ACLA Seminar in Providence: Bad Reception


Anyone attending the ACLA 2012 conference in Providence at the end of this month is warmly invited to come join some or all of the seminar I have organized with Harris Feinsod on Bad Reception, Missed Connection, Clogged Circulation. We will be meeting at the invigorating hour of 8 a.m. from March 30 to April 1 in the Roberts Center, Room 225. The presentations are:

Friday, March 30

Katherine Mannheimer, University of Rochester
“The Rash Dexterity of Wit: Genre-Hopping Verbal Patterns in Restoration Drama and Poetry”
Molly Swift Metherd, Saint Mary’s College of California
“The Great Canal Race: US and Japanese Imperialism in James Weldon Johnson’s El Presidente, or The Yellow Peril”
Anne DeWitt, Princeton University
“Reading Reception of the Theological Romance”
Harris Feinsod, Northwestern University
“Modernism Aship: Recirculating Transnational Poetics”

Saturday, March 31

Andrew Goldstone, Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
“The Song of Misrecognition: Indian Love Lyrics in Yeats, Tagore, and Edith Hull” 
Sonam Singh, Cornell University
“The Bad Reception of the 1930s Anglophone Indian Novel: Politics, Aesthetics, and the Frameworks of Postcolonial and Modernist Studies”
Gabriele S. Hayden, Reed College
“Performing Blackness in Weimar Germany”

Sunday, April 1

Luke Parker, Stanford University
“Emigration, Backwardness, and the Search for an Alternative Present: Russian and American Writers in Interwar Europe”
Lee Konstantinou, Princeton University
“Bad Attitude: William S. Burroughs at the Birth of Punk”
Meredith Ramirez Talusan, Cornell University
“Negritude Without Filitude: Form, Language, and Possibilities of Reception in Modern Filipino Poetry”
Daniel R. Mintz, University of Michigan
“Bildung Towards the End: Kermode’s Mythic Temporality and Doctorow’s Book of Daniel”